Reimar is the embodiment of righteous vengeance, the righter of wrongs, the destroyer of the wicked. He is among the most militant of the gods, who aids his followers in punishing those who have escaped the grasp of his sister, Adail.

Reimar’s symbol is a red, plate armored fist, knuckles upwards, on a field of black. His avatar is that of an armored warrior wielding a two-handed, gold-plated warhammer.

Reimar is an enemy of Findgard; their followers clashed in the Winter Wars.


Many of Reimar’s priests take the role of wandering avengers, crusading to punish the wicked that the King’s representatives either can’t or won’t. They always appear heavily armed and armored. His followers have been even known on occasion to slay wicked members of the nobility, but the prestige of the priesthood and its overwhelming popularity with the common class prevents the elites from responding in kind. His priests are unashamed of their work; they often leave a holy symbol of Reimar on the bodies of those they slay.

As they age, his priests transition into another role, tending to his temples, coordinating their itinerant members, acting as grief counselors, and occasionally acting as advocates for wronged parties when Adail’s followers cannot help.

Reimar’s cult has a special hold in Norhelm, where generations of warfare with the denizens of the Northern Wastes as well as Cadria have created a special need and thirst for vengeance. This has given rise to a particular breed of warrior priest known as the Skald who accompanies the armies in battle and enshrines both great wrongs and great deeds in poem-song so they are not forgotten.


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