Mariel is the goddess of home, the hearth, maternity, and healing. She is often referred to as the Mother though she is in fact not the actual mother of any of the gods. She represents the bonds that hold family and society together as well as the security of the home and as such, her representatives are pillars of the community. Lor’tas is her greatest nemesis, as his random acts of destruction and violence are the greatest threat to the security she represents.

Her symbol is that of a yellow flame on a white background. Her avatar is a middle-aged, maternal woman.


Mariel’s priests serve a variety of critical functions in any community; marriages, child birthing, healing, running orphanages, and disease control among them. Her priests are among the most selfless in the world, living in relatively simple quarters. There are no strictures against marriage, and so they often form families of their own, sometimes adopting the orphans that they take in.

As one of the most community-oriented churches, Mariel’s cult is also one of the most organized. Every church is headed by a Great Mother; they are then divided into bishoprics which feed into grand bishoprics, and ultimately answer to the Holy Temple of the Great Mother in Adamo. The priesthood is mostly female, and are sometimes simply referred to as ‘the sisters’, something which can lead to confusion.

Adventuring priests of Mariel are very rare, though it does happen on occasion when they work with followers of Reimar to pursue degenerates dedicated to Lor’tas.


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