Battle of Winter's Night

The decisive battle during the Cadrian invasion of the Termecian nation of Skell. Winter’s Night was a stunning victory for the newly-united Termecian states that demonstrated that despite their fractious politics, they could unite to expel foreign forces.

In winter of 854 A.B., High King Felmaer moved his forces into Skell to expel the Cadrians before the end of the year. The over-confident and newly reinforced Cadrians under Duke Inova moved out from Skell’s capital, Njer, to confront him.

The battle opened poorly for Felmaer as a green brigade of Skellian refugees charged Inova’s lines head-on and were quickly annihilated. Inova dispatched a contingent from his right to try to outflank Felmaer’s left wing while the Termecians set up a shield wall across their front. Inova ordered a cavalry charge to break the wall, but it and two successive attempts failed with heavy casualties. Meanwhile, Inova’s flanking contingent had become lost in the snowy forest on the southern end of the battlefield, depleting Inova’s forces further. By the time the infantry lines of the two sides finally met around noon the initiative had shifted to Felmaer and the Termecian spear wall held under the Cadrian assault. A Termecian cavalry charge broke through Cadrian lines in the afternoon and Inova’s forces began an all-out retreat.

In the ensuing rout an estimated 65,000 Cadrians died, joined by the lost flanking contingent which emerged from the woods only to find the battle over. Inova’s body was found at nightfall. The scale of the defeat was such that it effectively put Cadria on the defensive.

Battle of Winter's Night

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