Bankat is the goddess of disease and pestilence, she who spreads death wherever she goes. She advocates disease as a method of separating the strong from the weak; the weak succumb, the strong live. She cares nothing for rank, station, or occupation, seeking only to find those who can resist her plagues.

Her symbol is a black, upside down man on a field of green. Her avatar is unknown; many believe she actually manifests as the diseases that she spreads.

Bankat has generally good relations with Findgard due to their similar outlooks. She is not, however, shy about striking down armies in Findgard’s wars with plague. Mariel is her greatest enemy as her healing powers pervert Bankat’s intentions.


Bankat has no public priesthood; much like Lor’tas, no sane person would admit to worshipping the embodiment of disease. Her operatives work in secret to spread disease, to select the strong. They are generally organized into small cells in which they try to gain access to positions in government from whence they can enact their schemes; on occasion, they even try to infiltrate the ranks of Mariel.

The priesthood’s greatest success was the great plagues in Cadria. See the Cadria page for further information.


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