Character Sheet

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Bjorin, stands six feet three inches tall, and weighs 220 pounds. A solidly built, burly man, Bjorin looks as though he would be suited to work in the fields or at a bellows. His face is thick and carved from stone, with a crooked, larger than average nose, small, deep-set brown eyes, and a large scar running from the outside corner from his right eye disappearing into the dense, bristly growth of an impressive black beard that dominates his face. His hair is dark and long, hanging about his shoulders, and his entire body is covered in black hair. Simply put, the man is built like a stone pillar.

His hands are thick, rough, and meaty. The palms of both hands are tattooed with the mountain symbols of the druids and represent a source of power. A mountainscape on the right hand, symbolizing the strength and wild power of nature, and a crescent moon on the left, symbolizing balance, change, and the cycle of life.

He is dressed in homemade hide and leather garments; dark brown leather breeches, soft boots, deerskin tunic and a furry bearskin cloak which protects him from the elements. When the demand calls for it, Bjorin wears thick hide armor made from boiled elkskin. A rabbit leather belt hangs around his waist with a bone handled dagger jutting from it. Hanging from the belt by a tie is a stout, knotty, oaken cudgel with a leather wrapped handle. A stout, wooden shield made from ash is strapped to his back and the bark-laden surface is covered with scars.

He carries a heavy, battered spear made of ash. The different phases of the moon are carved into the wood, curling from top to bottom.

COMPANION: Perhaps just as iconic as the large druid’s hirsuteness and rustic garb is his pet and animal companion, Luthiana. Luthiana, or Luth for short, is a Bernese mountain dog, as such she is large with a coat of dark black and brown with white highlights around the chest and face. Her eyes are golden brown and highly intelligent. Luth was given to Bjorin as a puppy in return for helping with a particularly difficult foal birth. She has been his constant companion ever since and ranges with Bjorin wherever he goes.


HISTORY: Bjorin was born in a small village in northern Norhelm in an area that contains little population. Hardy peasants work to scratch out a living subsistence farming in the short but intense growing season of the northern tundra and herding elk which they use for meat, milk, and hide.

Bjorin’s parents were blessed and cursed with having a large family and too many mouths to feed. At the age of seven, Bjorin was “given” to the mountain druids in repayment for their help in resolving a sickness that threatened to destroy the family’s herd of elk. Bjorin maintains amicable ties with his family and the village at large.

Bjorin lived and trained with an ancient half-elf named Thusulen for eleven years before being admitted into the druidic order, taking his Mountain Oath and receiving his palm tattooes at the age of eighteen. Since then, Bjorin has renegotiated ties with his old village and worked to protect the peasants and their herds.

Bjorin’s particular glade or area of protection is high in the mountains west of Klaring. As such, Bjorin has had dealings with the dwarves of Bertok. He is known to the Bertok patrolmen in the area and has developed a relationship with one of their officers known as Kordek. To this end, Bjorin is fluent in dwarven and knows a small amount about their culture. His friendship and goodwill extends towards the dwarves enough that he would not hesitate to come to their aid.

Growing up in the mountains was a tough life, but Bjorin grew into a man of great strength and courage. He appreciates the quiet beauty the land provides and holds it sacred above all else. He has tussled with vermin from Urdnar on several occasions and is part of a portion of the current druidic order that advocates moving aggressively against Urdnar to prevent the overpopulation of the hoard races.

This newer uncharacteristic movement within the druidic order that proposes to assist Siggard of Norhelm against Urdnar is championed by the High Druid himself, Leontes, who, it is said, lost a son to the vermin and seeks revenge. While this may be true, what is true is that Leontes, who as High Druid holds his position for life, is reaching the end of his time on Tantas and has become sick and feeble. It is, as of yet, unclear as to what political shiftings would result from Leontes’ death. Previously, aggressive actions were always frowned upon in favor of more conservative defensive or counter-attack measures. Oddly enough, Thusulen differs in opinion with Bjorin in this matter and believes that Nature will eventually intercede to check the growth of Urdnar in the form of pestilence, starvation or in-fighting and that while some peasants must die, it is not for the druids to interfere.

Luckily for Norhelm, Leontes still lives and close ties have been established with King Siggard.

SKILLS: Bjorin possesses the skills of a lower level druid. He is supremely at home in the wilds, particularly territory he is familiar with. He is a adept at tracking, hunting (he prefers to use snares), woodlore and survival skills. Additionally, Bjorin learned healing and herbalism skills from Thusalen and has used them to help animals and humanoids alike.

Unsurprisingly, Bjorin has a strong affinity with animals and anyone who sees him interact with Luth knows that he is a gifted trainer. This affinity even goes so far as to serve Bjorin during battle, as he possesses the ability to summon an animal ally.

Perhaps the most telling fact that Bjorin is a young druid is his lack of a shapechanging ability. The bestowing of the shapechange is an important time for a druid as it symbolizes his transition from neophyte druid to full member of the Circle. Traditionally, when a druid is deemed ready, a ceremony is held during which the neophyte accepts Nature into his heart and spirit. At the apex of the ceremony, the neophyte changes shape, thus establishing his ability and cementing his commitment to the order. Typically, the neophyte’s first animal shape acts as a personal totem for the druid.


ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good


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