Bertok – The entrance to the dwarven lands, Bertok is not a surface nation, but rather an entrance to the dwarves’ underground empires along with several square miles of buffer territory within the Northern Wastes.
Ruler: N/A
Capital: N/A

Cadria – Termecia’s large and often beligerent western neighbor. The largest nation in the known world.
Ruler: Empress Lililth of House Lorenth
Capital: Tirus

El’Atol – The contintent’s elvish home, El’Atol functions as a neutral trading hub.
Ruler: High Prince Aelmon El’Neduar El’Ashnweyr
Capital: Narrah

Lefland – A seafaring nation on the eastern side of the Grey Sea, which previously colonized large parts of Termecia.
Ruler: King Didrich II of House Anselm
Capital: Ottmar

Magua – A relatively backwater but rising power on Ravenna’s southern flank.
Ruler: King Seir’nah
Capital: Entai

Norhelm – An ascendant power, sandwiched between Cadria, Lefland, and the Northern Wastes, ruled by a near-legendary king.
Ruler: King Siggard of House Yngvar
Capital: Ornulf

Nyashightgaro – Not a true nation, but instead violent region to the south of El’Atol in which humans war against nomadic monsters such as gnolls. Due to its violent nature and low-lying steppe terrain, combined with its near-unpronounceable name, it is usually referred to as “The Pit”.
Ruler: None
Capital: None

Ravenna – A mercantile state on Cadria’s southern border, ruled by an elected merchant price.
Ruler: First Prince Emisold of House Cerrane
Capital: Adamo

Termecia – A central region of states loosely tied together by an elected High King.
Ruler: High King Adan Tiriol
Capital: Estril

Urdnar – A kingdom of orcs, goblins, kobolds, and ogres that has taken hold on Norhelm’s frontier, within the Northern Wastes.
Ruler: ?
Capital: ?


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