Almoric Ocean – The ocean which surrounds the continent.

Bay of Batal – The treacherous body of water between Magua and Nyashightgaro.

Golden Passage – A strip of grassland owned by Cadria through which a rich trade route between Ravenna and El’Atol runs.

Grey Sea – The cold, slate grey sea that lies between Termecia and Lefland.

Mezoz – An island off the western coast of Cadria; home of the gnomes.

Northern Wastes – The icy, monster-infested lands north of Norhelm.

River Illeil – A large, navigable river that runs through the center of Termecia to the Grey Sea.

Rodmor Bay – A dangerous, sometimes frozen bay on the northern coast of the Northern Wastes.

Straits of Mezoz – The stretch of water between Mezoz and Cadria.

Tantas – The continent.


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