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El’Atol’s history is poorly documented and understood. The elves themselves do not understand the humans’ obsession with writing every tidbit of information they come across down and their own writings focus more on fiction and entertainment than history. Sometimes, human sages attempt to live among the elves, but most find the endless stretch of days and what they regard as the elves’ laziness to be disconcerting; they feel as though their lives are slipping away.

What is clear is that the elves have been in El’Atol for quite possibly millenia.


El’Atol’s geography is idyllic; rolling hills, grassland, forest and snowy mountains in the south. The mountains in the south provide a barrier against Nyashightgaro, with only a handful of passes leading through to it.


The elvish lands tend to export sophisticated goods such as art, literature, and handcrafts. They also serve as a trading post for the sought-after goods that come from the Pit such as furs, myrrh and gold, and maintain militarized trading posts in the south to secure these goods.

Government and Politics

High Prince Aelmon El’Neduar El’Ashnweyr is the current ruler of El’Atol, and is a highly atypical one at that. Practically a child at 134 years old, he traveled in the human lands before ascending the throne and came away with some startling ideas. He believes that unless elves begin to take a more proactive stance with human nations, the humans will inevitably consider the elves as easy targets and invade their homeland. As such, he has overseen an effort to fortify the nation as well as expand its military. He has also signed a mutual defense pact with the nation of Ravenna, an extremely unpopular treaty amongst the elves who consider him to be a radical. The elves have been suspicious of Cadria’s rising military power and expansionist tendencies for some time but most view allying with humans as a step too far.


The High Prince is not an absolute title; it is possible for a new one to be installed if a 2/3 majority of the nation’s Nashirs, or town council leaders, vote as such. There have been rumblings of this, but so far no vote has been called.

El’Atol’s symbol is a tall green tower on a yellow field. Its capital is Narrah.


Most elves practice the martial arts as a form of exercise, and also engage in archery for hunting purposes. As such, El’Atol has a potentially vast store of manpower in the case of military emergency. Its forces have recently been growing as a result of Aelmon’s militarization.

Elves favor medium armor such as chain mail and carry long, narrow shields. Spears are common weapons, often used in formations before switching to dual blades, ambidexterity being widespread among their race. All elves have archery skill to some degree, making elvish lines incredibly dangerous to approach.

As a rule, the elves prefer their own feet to horses and do not employ large cavalry forces. However, after the military reforms of High Prince Aelmon, a cavalry corps has been founded to compete with human knights.

The primary occupation of the military in peacetime is watching the southern mountains to prevent crossings Nyashightgaro, and to that end mount aggressive patrols and have built a network of outposts and fortresses. Few travellers pass through to the Pit without being accosted by elven guards, and the denizens of the Pit view venturing into elven lands as a death sentence. To best watch their borders, elves use a dedicated corps of border guards, the Ash’a’toth. They emphasize stealth, wilderness skills, ambushes, tracking, and ranged attacks and are reputed to be among the best bowmen in the world.


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