Battle of Skalvor

The Battle of Skalvor was an engagement between Urdnar and Norhelm which took place in 305 A.B.

After the disastrous defeat at Vilgot, Thane Deodor had retreated to western Norhelm to build strength, while Lefland had fortified the east with re-armed bands of refugees and volunteers. However, it was not until a wizard named Soren appeared at Deodor’s court that Deodor felt he was ready to meet Urdnar in battle. In 305, the western and eastern forces linked fifteen miles southeast of the castle of Klaring. It was a polyglot, crusading army that had attracted soldiers from all over; clerics of Reimar, Termecian mercenaries, Leflander volunteers, druids of the mountains, and veteran Norhelm soldiers.

Ur’rok decided to engage the army in the open rather than stay in castle Klaring, hoping to destroy it and kill Deodor as he had Wodan, leaving Norhelm leaderless. His army of 45,000 met Deodor’s 35,000 outside the village of Skalvor, five miles south of Klaring.

As he had at Vilgot, Ur’rok deployed his vargs at his center, hoping to frighten Deodor’s horses into bolting. Deodor stationed his druids with the cavalry to keep the horses quiet and the tactic failed. Soren took up a position on a small rise to the left of the battle, and soon a choking cloud rolled in over Ur’rok’s right flank. As his troops began to die around him, Ur’rok ordered an all-out charge, spearheaded by the vargs. Soren vanished from his post and re-appeared in the center of Deodor’s ranks, and a series of fireballs flew into the charging wolves and decimated them. Soren was soon swallowed up in the clash of the armies.

The final pivotal moment of the battle came when a brigade of Reimar’s clerics and Termecian spearmen broke Ur’rok’s unit of ogre beserkers. In the aftermath, Deodor allowed his men free reign to hunt every monster they could. Soren’s body was found in the center of the battlefield and given a warrior’s funeral; he was credited with the deaths of hundreds of demi-humans. The battle set the stage for Norhelm’s re-unification and the expulsion of Urdnar’s armies.

Battle of Skalvor

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