Adail is the goddess of law and justice and one of the most respected gods of the Pantheon. She is the embodiment of careful deliberation and swift action against the accused, but also of mercy and compassion for the unlawfully imprisoned.

Her symbol is a pair of silver scales on a white background. Her avatar is that of a stern judge, clad in white robes, holding a book in one hand a sword in the other. Reimar is her brother. Findgard is her enemy; his emphasis on might makes right runs counter to her beleif in law and justice. Their followers fought in the Winter Wars.


The most visible portion of Adail’s priesthood are the paladins, holy warriors of unflinching devotion to good and the rule of law. They protect her temples but also sometimes work in concert with local forces to hunt perpetrators in need of justice such as bandits or monster encampments.

Her priests often serve as magistrates in the local government or as their aids, but also provide services as advocates for those who have been wronged or unlawfully imprisoned. Adail is a common patron of guardsmen and soldiers.

Her temple has a special relationship with Reimar, sometimes referring people to them when their troubles are just, yet extend beyond the law.


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