Yunaan Twice-Blessed

Naranbataarian Barbarian Royalty


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Tall as the palm tree. Swift as the wind. Strong as the horse. Among a tribe of nomadic wanderers known for their physical prowess and martial abilities, Yunaan Twice-Blessed stood above them all.

Lean, incredibly long of limb, and as sure-footed as any wild beast, Yunaan’s incredible strength and quickness seem to come less from the iron cords of his arms and legs then from a instinctual knowledge of how to use his physical gifts: his game is leverage, speed, and timing.

Like most of tribe, Yunaan regards the horse with reverence, and His dark ponytail is woven with horsehair and spun gold, reaching midway down his back - it is a source of pride to Yunaan, and it has never felt the touch of a razor. Battle is somewhat sacred to him, and he takes care, when he has the time to dress is slightly more decorative garb - intricately carved bone jewelry, gold pendants, rings, and amulets adorn his body.

Into battle, he carries a gleaming battleaxe and a small shield wickedly spiked with horn. A longbow rests across his broad back, and tasseled arrows at his hip. Since coming to the northlands, he has invested in a coat of scale mail, which he labors to keep polished.

Yunaan’s keeps his face clean shaven, and this only accentuates his youthful appearance. At twenty summers, he is still more boy than man, but his eyes are set and calm. In contrast to common perceptions, Yunaan adheres to a strict hygenic regime, developed by his tribe out of necessity to stave off the infectious diseases of the Pit lands, and he has an overdeveloped sense of nomadic courtesy.


Yunaan fights with both axe and spiked shield, a whirling, raging monster. He is fond of charging a foe and overwhelming them as quickly as possible. Like most of the nomadic tribes of his region, Yunaan is quite skilled with his longbow, and is content to operate at a distance until events force him to close. When he does, he calls upon the battle blood of Usay, at which point few can match his power and speed. Yunaan is an excellent horseman and fights as well as any mounted, but currently travels on foot, as he holds a dim view of northern mounts.



“There will come a child of Andel to this land to smite the wilds and bring the golden sun”

Yunaan hails from a tribe somewhat unique among the Naranbataar: the Jabaran. The Jabaran hold a territory on the Northeastern fringes of Nyashightgaro, close to the mountainous divide that separates The Pit from El’Atol, home of the elves. Less nomadic than other tribes, the Jabaran have for centuries defended a small mine of white gold which they believe to house an oracle to the goddess Andel. It is their most sacred place, and the Jabaran have transformed the mine into a secret temple in the goddess’ name. Gold has a ceremonial and spiritual importance to them, and rather than use it as currency (although they recognize its value to others) they prefer to decorate themselves and their possessions with gold, and have over the years become quite adept at manipulating the soft metal.

Yunaan is a child of prophecy. His grandfather, the tribe’s chief priest, was told of his coming by the oracle of Andel, and he has been treated like such ever since. He was made to run with the horses, and was shown no mercy in his upbringing. He was to be the best, and was destined to unite tribes and cast out the evil from Nyashightgaro once and for all. As priest, his grandfather also taught Yunaan to read and write both the Common tongue and Elven, so as to better curry their favor.

Unique among Naranbataar, they believe that elves are favored by Andel, and have over time developed a slightly worshipful attitude toward their northern neighbors. Yunaan shares this bias, and treats any elf he meets with reverence and awe. Although his family prepared him for a life of leadership and battle, Yunaan has always believed the secret to the Sundering and the path to pleasing Andel lies in the heart of El’Atol. One of his greatest desires is to travel among the nation of elves and to know their ways more intimately.

Among the Jabaran, the ability to rage in battle is viewed as the blessing of Usay, god of the steppe, a grace bestowed upon the cleanest of spirit and purest of mind. It is believed that adherence to the strictest of principles allows a warrior to open the seat of his heart to Usay, who lends immortal strength to his vessel.

When Yunaan reached the age of manhood, he was tested against wild beast and gnoll in ceremonial battle. It was then he discovered his ability to call upon the rage of Usay. Time and time again he called upon the battle fever, and time and again Usay answered. It was here that Yunaan earned the name “Twice Blessed”—blessed once for his extraordinary physical gifts, and blessed twice for his connection to the gods. He can rage twice as often as the common barbarian.

After years of training and pressure, Yunaan cracked and left the tribe one night to adventure north. Terrified of his destiny, Yet believing the true secrets he sought lay within the borders of El’Atol, Yunaan sought admission to the land of the elves but was rebuked harshly, and has wandered since then. Because he has abandoned the call of his tribe, Yunaan is unable to return honorably to his homeland, yet has not fulfilled his own yearnings.

He is troubled by his connection to the gods and wishes to know more about it. He doesn’t know whether to believe the prophecy of his birth, or whether it was a political move by his grandfather to secure power within the tribes.

Although his natural strength aids him in many physical endeavors, Yunaan is terrified of deep water and will avoid swimming at any cost.

Yunaan Twice-Blessed

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