Roondar Zook Dor Gimble Turen

Multi-class bard/psionist


Character Sheet

Standing 3.5 ft. tall, Roondar is often over looked despite his copper complexion and shocking white hair. Ever the student, Roondar had never been a fighter. Because of his bookwormish past he is not very strong. But what he lacks in physical capacity, he makes up for with intellectual prowess and agility.

It was after the death of the Falmouth children that the soft clothing of a scholar was replaced by the leathers of a traveller who was more accustomed to confrontation. In the time since the deaths of the Falmouth dchildren, Roondar has studied martial skills and practiced archery. In doing so, he has become ever increasingly competent in the use of the shortbow. He has also learned to harness some of his seemingly mystic abilities to pummel enemies even larger enemies into submission.


Born and raised on Mezoz, Roondar was brought up with a love of learning by his father who had served in his home county’s council and had served as emissary to the First Prince for the annual tithe on many occasions. From an early age Roondar had been pushed to explore the things that compel his curiosity. So it was no surprise to his clan, when Roondar made the decision to leave Mezoz to go to Ravenna to gain employ as a tutor.

Soon after going ashore, Roondar found employment as a private tutor to the children of a wealthy merchant, Augustus Falmouth, in Adamo. Roondar stayed with the Falmouth family as the children grew. As the children became older, Augustus decided his eldest son, Marcus, age 13, would follow in the family trade. So he started to take Marcus, his older sister, Mae, age 17, and Roondar on his travels with him to help expose Marcus to business.

One trip to Bertok would change Roondar’s life and focus. While in caravan after leaving Bertok, the Falmouths were attacked by Urdnaran marauders and the guardsmen were no match for the marauders. Augustus fell in battle protecting his children. Roondar, Marcus, and Mae were taken alive. Roondar fought as best he could but showed little efficiency in martial skills. This being said he was quickly sidelined as a non-threat that the marauders could have fun with later. They quickly turned their attention to the young Mae and Marcus. After roughing the two young people up, the barbarians decided they would ravage Mae and force young Marcus watch. Roondar came to in the midst of the travesty and in shock and horror watched as the barbarians raped Mae with young Marcus being forced to watch.

The sheer depravity of the act shook Roondar to his core. Roondar vainly fought to free himself from the restraints the barbarians had tied him in. The nightmare came to a crescendo, when the barbarians tired of the children and made Mae beg for Marcus to end her pain and suffering. The horde laughed as the young boy slit his sister’s throat. While Marcus watched his sister’s lifeblood pulse out of the wound he had been forced to inflict, the band of Urdnarans took further glee by plunging a knife in the boy’s side.

In that moment, Roondar changed. Deep inside him it seemed a wall had exploded and a rush of energy took over his body. Embroiled with rage, Roondar watched as the a couple of barbarians burst in flames and others fell to the ground grabbing their heads screaming, until they simply fell dead bleeding from the eyes, ears, mouth, and noses. The knots on Roondar’s restraints suddenly were gone and Roondar ran to the children’s sides. Sobbing Roondar was left alone in the world.

After a time, Roondar began to process the events he had witnessed and the actions he had been responsible for. Realizing that it was not magic that he had done, as he knew of no gnome who was born with a spark of arcane and he had never studied it. He knew it had to be something else innate in him. What that was, was the question. So after seeing to properly disposing of the Falmouths after their religious fashion, Roondar took up a new quest in life: determining what had happened in his rage and where it came from and how to use it. The wall within him was still down as he could sense that much but did not know what was on the other side or how to get there. Feeling that history may hold answers, he thinks that the time before the Sundering may hold the key to a door that is in the wall and the wealth of knowledge that it holds back. (4 level Psionist)

Roondar Zook Dor Gimble Turen

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