Glithas Mathwin

Inspired by David Tennents portrail of the 10th Doctor.


Character Sheet

Work in Progress: Used 4d6, drop lowest and came up with these: str 11 dex 16 con 10 int 17 wis 9 chr 13


Glithas Mathwin was the son of a modest merchant family of Ravenna. His parents were killed in a fire just before Glithas’ 12th birthday, leaving him orphaned. Suddenly with no home, family, or resources he turned to life on the streets. He quickly fell in with a couple of con-men that wandered the city, “Lefty” Lawrence and “Three-Hands” Gambil, who used Glithas mostly as a roper or extra. It was during this time Glithas showed promise as a potential flim-flam artist and the two began teaching Glithas more seedier skills.

Life with “Lefty” and “Three-Hands” was just that, scraping through life. Not to say it was a dull life, but the two con-men taught Glithas what was important. One, don’t get caught. Two, careful planning and sharp awareness keep you from violating rule number one…don’t get caught. Three, unless the con calls for you to be larger than life, you’re just a whisper of a shadow. Attention gets you caught. Lastly, rule four, do what you need to survive but greediness leads to getting caught.

It was three years later, just after Glithas had turned 15, that the trio were performing a con in which the two men would take turns performing as a Hedge Mage. Glithas and the odd man out would take turns being extras in the crowd or assisting unseen with the “magic” tricks. A wizard took on the lookout for an apprentice happened on one of they’re performances and investigated to determine if there was any potential in the crew. He discovered that Glithas possessed a sharp mind behind all those seedy abilities and convinced the young man to take up with him instead of life on the streets.

Glithas left “Lefty” and “Three-Hands” to apprentice to the wizard Zardoz, who quickly realized he had acquired more than he bargained for. While Glithas proved to be an able student and dependable assistant, Glithas was forever getting into trouble. He would take to pilfering scrolls and books for study and breaking into labs to tinker with things out of his depth. There was an incident in which Glithas was forced to wander around the old man’s home as a chicken for a week not to mention the day he could only say, “I will not see what it tastes like until I know what it is,” no matter what words he tried to utter.

The only reason Zardoz never just dispensed with his annoying little apprentice was because Glithas was so fascinated by learning for the sake of learning. Every new thing was an adventure to Glithas, a chance to learn or to build. Where Glithas would spend days and days focused on constructive non-violent spells and would almost have to be forced to dedicate a single hour to researching even the most basic combat spell. When asked, Glithas would reply, “I want to be a great wizard. The kind of wizard that helps children grow up with their parents, not take those parents away.” Not to say Glithas never learned how to blow things up, but Zardoz realized magic meant more to Glithas than physical power.

Nearing the end of his apprenticeship, Glithas began to question the conventional wisdom of research regarding the Sundering. Glithas did not believe the answers would be divined in a lab or conjured from a spell, but by traveling the world and finding the lost places. Glithas left his mentor shortly after his 19th birthday, seeking out his friends “Lefty” and “Three-Hands” before venturing out into the great unknown. He stays on good terms with them both and maintains correspondence with his mentor Zardoz as these are the closest things to family Glithas has left.

Glithas stands 5’9” and has dark brown, close cut hair and bown eyes. He does not appear to present himself as a wizard, probably more of a slightly well off merchant. He carries with him a short bow and he does not appear to wear any armor.

(1st level Rogue, 3rd level wizard)

Glithas Mathwin

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